Below are a few of the very positive testimonials we have received from our students:


“I really liked the balance of practical and written/oratory way of teaching this subject. I found the explanation of stimulants and their effect very informative. I found the trainers’ gentle assertion and teaching really positive. They seem really confident in the acupuncture, which instils confidence in me. I’m really looking forward to more training. Thank you!”

“Fantastically enjoyable and interesting two days’ training. Very co-operative and friendly “vibe”. I feel I have hugely increased my knowledge and understanding of not only how stimulant drugs can impact on a client, but how to offer suitable and appropriate treatments, which can be tailored to the individual and their physical and emotional needs.”

“Acudetox Stage I was the most valuable short course I have ever attended. A perfect balance between theory and practice, which incorporates elements for all learning styles. The fill in the gaps on the flip chart was a particularly useful revision technique. Looking forward to Stage II!”

“I thought the course was extremely supportive, honest, open and set at a pace to suit everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the passion, belief and enthusiasm which Anne, Trish and Mick have for the treatment really shone through. It helped to sustain my excitement at learning a new skill and wanted to use it for a treatment purpose. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the relaxed and open environment of this course – it helped me take in all the information easily. I liked all the staffs’ gentle assertiveness which added to the easy learning process. Lots of positive affirmation, which is fab!! I really loved this course; it has not only enabled me to practise acupuncture, but has given me great direction in the field I wish to work in. Thank you all so much.”

“A great big thank you to Anne and Tricia – was very apprehensive about learning so many new points. Not only did I retain all information received, but enjoyed every second of it. This is a testament to both Anne’s and Tricia’s expertise and knowledge. Delivery of information was excellent and I felt no pressure. Again, thank you.”