Stage I – The Detox Points

Stage 1 training begins with a basic history of Ear acupuncture and its efficacy in treating addictions. Needling technique is learned leading to the N.A.D.A. Protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association). These five points are used to balance the Yin and Yang of the body, promote the free flow of Qi and to address the physical, mental and emotional damage caused by long term substance misuse. Dietary advice, the effects of various drugs on the body, instructions on how to run a drop-in and Health & Safety are included in this course.

Stage II – Treating Stimulant Use

Completion of Stage 1 is a prerequisite for this training. The 5 Primary points of the ear are taught along with several more additional points to treat the physical and mental damage caused by Stimulants. The effects of various Stimulants on the body in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine are also covered in this course.

Stage II – HEP C and HIV

Completion of Stage 1 is a prerequisite for this training and preferably Stage 2 stimulants though this is not essential. The 5 primary points of the ear are taught in addition to several other points which treat the various symptoms of these conditions. In treating Hepatitis C this course is very effective in relieving some of the adverse side effects of the client’s chemotherapy as well as restricting viral replication, helping clients finish their treatment. Facts and myths about these conditions, dietary advice around Liver damage and Health & Safety are also included in the course.