Acudetoxplus in Nepal

On a previous holiday in Nepal, Mick Webb, a former trainer with Acudetoxplus UK, met Binod Aryal, the proprietor of the Ric-Rose Rehab on the outskirts of Kathmandu and from that meeting the seeds were sown for the possibility of training service users and staff in Ear acupuncture.

Mick organised the travel and accommodation at the Rehab and Chris organised the teaching materials… training manuals, flip charts, ¬†needles etc. After contacting Balance Healthcare (one of our suppliers) for the initial purchase of needles and sharps bins, they very generously donated 4,000 additional pins for which we are very grateful.

The training took place in a classroom, hired for the 5 days of training and instead of 15 trainees we had 22 – many of whom spoke very little English, but with Binod’s translation and a lot of body language by the trainers they all successfully passed.

When we arrived each day they would all be studying their diagrams and practicing in their rubber ears eager to learn. The last day was especially emotional as firm friendships had been forged and after the presentation of their certificates they all presented us with garlands and gifts. Since then we have kept in touch with Binod and although only a handful of trainees are still practicing, ear acupuncture is well established in Kathmandu.

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